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The Cost of Invitation

August 27, 2019


The Cost of Invitation

School has begun and kids are figuring out locker combinations, classroom rules and all the new social dynamics of their class and their lunchroom — What a hectic time for our kids! After the first day this week, one of my kids told me he invited a new girl to sit with his lunch group. “She was sitting alone so I told her she could sit with us,” he told me. And though it was seemingly not that big of a deal to him, I bet that invitation was an important moment for her.

That’s the interesting thing about invitations…to extend one costs you very little, but to receive one is a precious gift.

On Sunday, September 8, our Sunday mornings will now hold a new schedule including:

  • 9am – Worship Service
  • 10:05am – Family Time
  • 10:30am – Worship Service

And while this change may make your Sunday morning a little different, the change is happening so you can extend an invitation to someone else.

With two services, we have room for someone to get invited.  We have room in the nursery. We have room in the worship center. We have room in the lobby.  My encouragement is to remember who that room is for and to extend an invitation to someone to join us as we start a brand-new sermon series on that day.  It’ll will cost you very little time or energy, but could be a precious gift of a turning point in someone else’s life. Who will you invite?