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Worship Service Held At: Riley Street Middle School, 2745 Riley Street, Hudsonville
Mailing Address: 2900 Baldwin Street, Hudsonville, MI 49426
Sundays 9am & 10:30am

Making Preparations

August 13, 2019



It’s almost here…. time to find the backpacks, time to buy the new calculator, time to get the back-to-school shopping crossed off the list.  It’s one of those times in the year where PREPARATION becomes the primary task of our days.  

That’s true at Jamestown Harbor Church as well. We’re not preparing to go back to school (we’ve been there all summer!) but we are preparing to make more room on a Sunday morning for others to hear the Good News by launching an additional worship service.  

Creating space for people is something we can easily take for granted, but it’s a big deal. It matters for every person who walks in the door of our church because you never know when someone is having THAT Sunday.  That Sunday where they are giving church one last chance. That Sunday where they just need to hear some good news.  That Sunday where we’re hoping we can fit.  It happens every single week in ways we don’t even know about.

But this isn’t just something where we can cheer on a team of others. This will take all of us.  If you haven’t yet, spend some time listening to the sermon from last April where we launched this initiative to catch a clearer sense of this vision or just remind yourself of what God is calling us too. You can also take a look at the FAQ’s we have here.  But more importantly, would you consider how you can invest some of your time to make this Not About Us by participating in one of our teams?

If you have never been part of a team, would you consider JOINING one, at least for the three months from September-December of next fall? Your next step is simply to connect here and fill out this form!

If you have been on a team, would you consider EXTENDING your commitment during this same period? If you already serve once a month, could you serve at least 3 more Sundays? Perhaps you can take advantage of the opportunity to serve in one service and sit and worship in another. That simple choice will make a world of difference for creating space. Your next step is to get in touch with your team leader and talk about what your commitment looks like for next fall.

And if you’ve already taken those steps… would you also consider who you could INVITE? You know people who you could invite to hear the Good News. 

On September 8, we’ll begin our new schedule of 9am & 10:30am services, not because it’s easy, but because we care more about creating room for others than we do about what’s easy for us. And starting right now… we are going to prepare to enter into the messy, uncharted waters of change together a bit.  All because it matters that we make our space Not About Us.  I hope you’ll join us!