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Welcome Trenton Herald, Worship Coordinator

September 4, 2018


We are excited to announce that Trenton Herald will be joining our staff as the new Worship Coordinator at Jamestown Harbor! Trenton and his wife, Jessica, served at a church in Texas for four years leading worship and overseeing youth ministry and they, along with their daughter Zyon, moved to West Michigan last year in order to be near Jessica’s family. Trenton is an extremely gifted worship leader and is passionate about equipping others to lead and to see people come close to Christ.


Trenton’s inclusion on our team is a unique role because he’s also feeling called to be a church planting pastor and is joining the Harbor team for a season as a Church Planting Resident while he prepares to plant a church next year. During our Uncharted journey together, we’ve been praying specifically for a way to help launch a new church in a new community and, though Trenton has no plans to launch a Harbor church, we are excited to equip him in his planting journey so that more people can be impacted by the gospel.


Over the next year, Trenton will spend half of his time leading the worship ministry at Jamestown Harbor Church. The Church Planting Residency will occupy the other half, with the goal of planting a church in the West Michigan area in late 2019. Trenton provides an amazing gift of leadership to our worship ministry this season partly because he will oversee a leadership transition in our worship ministry as Travis Radaz steps away from his role on staff at Jamestown Harbor Church.


Travis has been playing gigs this year with another former Jamestown Harbor worship leader—Justin Eames—in a country music band, and the band will begin national touring opportunities this fall. Since this will significantly impact Travis’ ability to lead worship on many weekends, he felt the time was right to step away from worship leadership to pursue a lifelong dream and passion of performing musically across the country. As Travis has mentioned, “this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity for me” and we are excited for him.


Travis plans to stay connected to Harbor Churches and help guide some of our church multiplication work but will no longer be playing a role on the Jamestown Harbor team after September. Additionally, all future worship leaders on our staff team will now be required to sign a contract to never play a show with the Kari Lynch Band.


Travis has had a unique relationship with our church as one of the main catalysts of our launch and an integral voice in the growth of the church. He has spent a season in Kenya, planting a church as one of our mission partners and now will embark on another amazing chapter. We’re thankful for his leadership and eager to see where God leads him in the future and I hope he eventually remembers me as one of the “little people” when he wins a Grammy for guitar-playing! In the meantime, I’m excited that Trenton will spend the next year leading and equipping our worship teams as we prepare for a search for a long-term worship leader for our ministry together.


As a leader, this transition causes me some mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m anxious. I’m anxious because change causes anxiety in churches. I know we’ve had number of different people in this role and I worry that this much change will cause stress in our congregation and on our volunteer teams. We’ve got an amazing team and every one of our leaders have all been incredibly talented, but maybe it’s good for you to know that pastors worry, too!


On the other hand, throughout our journey as a church together, I know God has placed the right people in these positions at every turn. I also know that God has put a unique opportunity in front of us with Trenton to not only lead worship, but also to equip a new church plant and that seems to be an answer to our Uncharted prayers. So, I’m reminded again about what it means to step into “uncharted territory” and the uncertainty that comes with such a step. I’m hopeful in the trust this chapter will develop through the unique twists and turns that will become part of our story. Despite my own worries, I do know that God has clearly been working and leading us every step of the way, so I’m choosing to embrace the next chapter and see where He leads next!


I’d encourage you to do the same thing! Get to know Trenton and his family. Find ways to encourage and support them. Step forward into new places of leadership and support his ministry in our church and when it comes time for a new church to take shape, lean into that chapter however you can.


Thanks for being a church that welcomes new people like Trenton, Jessica and Zyon. Thanks for being a church that embraces change. And thanks for being a church that chooses to step into uncharted territory together!


Your friend,

Pastor Scott